“I am a student midwife and had been struggling over the course of my training to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle alongside shift work and studies. I had got into a habit of snacking on high-sugar food and skipping meals. I felt unhealthy, constantly tired and was having difficulty with poor skin condition and bad mood swings. I found out about Diana after attending one of her seminars in Leigh about sugar and healthy hormone balance. I would highly recommend Diana to anyone. The knowledge she has shared with me has helped me immensely and enabled me to have more energy, healthy hormone balance and manage the demands of shift work. I have clearer skin, have shed extra weight, have more energy, my mood is more balanced and overall I feel happier. Diana taught me exactly how to eat well and balance my blood sugars, as well as how to eat around shift work. This will have a life-long impact on not only my future career, but also my personal life.”