Throughout 2019, I experienced repeat episodes of bloating, a heaviness in my stomach, poor digestion, acne and a real lack of motivation for work and home life responsibilities.

Upon meeting Diana she immediately put me at ease, I felt I could tell her everything. Talking to someone who lives by what they teach, to incorporate their recommendations for the changes in daily habits, were easy and fun to do.

Within 2 weeks of my initial meeting with Diana I felt fabulous, the bloating had gone, I was sleeping better, my diet included all the necessary food groups. I even resumed exercising on a regular basis.

I visited Diana three times in three months. The gaps in between appointments permitted the changes recommended to become the new norm for me.

The meetings are full of information and guidance, it isn’t just about diet. I am more aware of the food I eat, when I eat it and to ensure it’s a balanced food plan on a weekly basis. I have also saved money on food shopping!

At present, the information allows me to embrace every day with a more positive attitude. There is so much Diana knows!

I cannot recommend Diana enough, and I have already passed her details to friends.

Sharon Carrington