I was at a total and utter loss after my colonoscopy and being diagnosed with diverticular disease.  Having suffered from constipation (which does not help DD) on and off for many decades all the literature recommends eating a high fibre diet and prunes, so I put myself on a high fibre raw diet, ate so many prunes I was sick of them.  Nothing worked, I felt so ill and my body felt totally out of sync.

I ‘d heard about Diana Hervé’s wonderful reputation and have also attended one of her talks. Booking a consultation was without doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Diana listened carefully and asked me many questions. I also have kidney stones & osteoarthritis in my knees. Diana explained how inflammation stems from a leaky gut and can lead to food intolerance, triggering immune responses. She recommended foods to totally avoid and ones I could eat.  She also gave me a weekly meal planner so I had an idea of what meals I could make and have every day, all easy and affordable.

Diana joined all the dots for me. I don’t have any problems at all now and it’s made me realise I have had intolerances since I was a teenager but never realised.  The aches and pains have gone and I’m am regular as clockwork! I feel so great now it’s unreal.

I cannot recommend Diana Herve highly enough and I shall always be truly thankful and grateful to her for all she has done; giving me back my health again.