Children’s nutrition

Toddler hiding from vegetables

Picky-Little Eaters: Nutrition Workshop for Parents

Dread mealtimes?  Is every meal a battlefield as you struggle to entice your child to eat fresh vegetables or try other nourishing foods?

I understand that mothers want :

  1. Advice on how much a child should be eating
  2. Advice on what foods a child needs to eat to support physical and emotional health
  3. Foods that will enhance their concentration so they can be effective learners
  4. Practical tips to learn ways to integrate optimum levels of nutrients into everyday meals
  5. What you need to know about anti-nutrients, (refined sugars/additives/transfats), and how they may adversely affect your child’s health, including behavioural problems, or setting them up for chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity and later, heart disease or some cancers.
  6. We look at marketing and labels on foods that are marketed for children and consider how misleading this aspect of food manufacturing is.

This is a 1.5 hr workshop for nursery schools/pre-schools or individual groups of mothers who organise their own group and contact me to organise a time & place to meet.

FEE:  £180.00 per workshop

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Please contact Diana to discuss your groups’ individual requirements.