Disordered & emotional eating

Asparagus on green wooden table

Is your eating pattern chaotic?

  • Do you skip meals, graze on snacks throughout the day and evening, or you may try to eat a healthy balanced meal, only to follow with a binge shortly afterwards? 
  • Do you turn to food for comfort, but also feel it is your enemy?  
  • Do you find that eating soothes you and calms your anxiety?
  • Do you find that you are in a trance-like state when you are eating, but then feel really emotional or have negative thoughts afterwards?                  

People often eat mindlessly when they are stressed, anxious, upset or emotional.  This affects their self-confidence and results in a feeling of worthlessness and low self-esteem.  It can also sap your mental and physical energy and make you gain weight.​

Most of these emotions are negative and food is used to alleviate the pain or stress. This relief is short lived and emotional eaters will soon resume their negative thoughts and feelings.

This type of eating pattern results in addictive behaviour that is a perpetuating cycle that is incredibly difficult to break without nutritional rehabilitation and emotional resilience coaching.

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