Nutrition for Schools

Health is an important component of learning in children and young people. Poor nutrition causes deficiencies in vital nutrients, which can delay physical and cognitive development in children. Hunger is a global problem that impairs children’s ability to learn.

Research has shown that performance and behaviour can be improved if a young person eats a nutritious diet and has regular exercise.  Having taught myself for 5 years, I am well aware of the need to educate learners of all ages so that they not only enjoy good health and well being, but are energized throughout the day and stay alert, focused with good concentration, to get the most out of their education, and ultimately improve overall academic and creative performance.  Moreover, from the teacher’s perspective, it is incredibly hard to engage youngsters if they are constantly tired and feeling under par.  This is symptomatic of both malnutrition and under nutrition.

It is important that the canteen provides nutritionally balanced meals and snacks appropriate for a variety of cultures and diets.  As manufactured food products and junk food contain addictive substances such as refined sugars and other ingredients that are harmful to health when eaten regularly, it is important that children and young people are offered fresh food choices regularly.  My background in catering also enables me to provide practical suggestions and meal ideas.

From the youngest students to those leaving school to starting university, learning about how to fuel yourself in the most nutritious and economic way is probably the best advice you can have – it sets you up for life if you are energized and healthy and very importantly a nutritious, well balanced diet rolls the dice in your favour and can prevent chronic diseases in later life.

If you would like me to present to your staff, or students, please give me a call to discuss your institutions requirements.