Nutrition in the workplace

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More and more employers are recognizing the need for health and wellbeing advice for their employees in the ever-stressful world of meeting tight deadlines, performance based targets and frantic business schedules.  Numerous stress and dietary related chronic conditions arise because staff eat on the hoof, or at their desks, often mindlessly, making poor food choices.  Afternoon energy slumps and fatigue, together with headaches and digestive issues such as IBS can lead to poor performance and high absenteeism, which ultimately affects productivity.
You can hire Diana to come and give a presentation to your staff on:


To raise awareness of how common anti-nutrients, (refined sugar, saturated fat, trans-fats, additives) found in many foods that are typically ‘eaten on the hoof’ are causing your employees to suffer from anxiety, low-energy and fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels, weight gain, insomnia, headaches and digestive disorders such as IBS and acid reflux and ulcers.  These are symptoms that can lead to many more serious chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. 


With more and more women in the workplace taking up increasingly stressful roles, it is vital to give them the information they need to manage their hormonal change, with associated symptoms, which are worsened by stress, long hours, poor diet and lifestyle, corporate entertaining/alcohol consumption.  Diana runs informal group sessions with women to address weight management, PMT, menopause management and other health related issues currently on the rise as a result of working in a stressful environment and eating a poor diet.

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