I had been struggling with anxiety and depression and what I had recently found out was an eating disorder for a while but temporarily attempted to live with and manage it on my own, when lockdown happened, I suddenly realised how present this was in my everyday life, especially when there was not much else to focus on.

I had lost lots of weight over the period of a year and had a very controlling relationship with food which I struggled with. Before speaking to Dianna, I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel and believed that this was something I would have to live with and deal with for a long time.

Since my sessions with Diana I feel like a completely different person, she explained to me and my family everything that we didn’t understand and helped me control it and diminish the disorder in a very calm and structured way. Diana taught me lots of tools to help deal with this process which have also been very useful and applicable to everyday life as well as methods to improve my mental health. It was a difficult process, I cannot believe how far I have come and I finally feel back to my normal self.

Dianna’s knowledge and understanding has been invaluable and I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given me.


The past 12 years haven't been easy for me dealing with Anorexia, there have been many highs and lows, times when I think I had recovered and times when things just seemed too much.

I have many regrets and things I look back on and think 'Why did I do that?' but the biggest one of all is not coming to Diana sooner. She has helped turn my life around dramatically from day one of meeting her.

The techniques, the skills and dietetic information she has supplied me with has made my thought process so much clearer to the point I am beginning to see myself again and that I can't express in words is such a big thing for me. I have felt lost and trapped for so many years but now I am beginning to feel free and alive it's such a great feeling.

Diana truly is the best therapy I have ever had, and believe me when I say I've had a fair number in the 12 years I've been suffering, and she is the main reason I can honestly say with confidence and that it will continue to be this way and that is I am on the road to recovery and it's an enlightening journey.

I have experienced emotions, events and thoughts crossing my mind that I could have never imagined feeling again but I have, I have never felt better. Thank you x


Throughout 2019, I experienced repeat episodes of bloating, a heaviness in my stomach, poor digestion, acne and a real lack of motivation for work and home life responsibilities.

Upon meeting Diana she immediately put me at ease, I felt I could tell her everything. Talking to someone who lives by what they teach, to incorporate their recommendations for the changes in daily habits, were easy and fun to do.

Within 2 weeks of my initial meeting with Diana I felt fabulous, the bloating had gone, I was sleeping better, my diet included all the necessary food groups. I even resumed exercising on a regular basis.

I visited Diana three times in three months. The gaps in between appointments permitted the changes recommended to become the new norm for me.

The meetings are full of information and guidance, it isn't just about diet. I am more aware of the food I eat, when I eat it and to ensure it’s a balanced food plan on a weekly basis. I have also saved money on food shopping!

At present, the information allows me to embrace every day with a more positive attitude. There is so much Diana knows!

I cannot recommend Diana enough, and I have already passed her details to friends.

Sharon Carrington

"Having been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in January, a friend recommended Diana to me as a nutritionist who would be able to help me.

When I had my first consultation, I found Diana very easy to talk to and very supportive. It was obvious that she has experience in dealing with my type of health problem and that she has great knowledge of nutritional therapy.

Diana was able to design an easy-to-follow diet plan and she gave me very good advice on dietary supplements and ways in which I could strengthen my gut to cope with the many antibiotics I have to take to control my other long term illness, Bronchiectasis.

By following Diana's plan and suggestions I have been able to control my Colitis and make the necessary lifestyle changes when I am experiencing a flare-up. I would thoroughly recommend Diana to others."

"I first contacted Diana after being under the Hospital for about 5 years and nobody listening to me when I told them my Bowel condition was not responding to medication, because of what I was eating. I was told I just needed to eat following a Low Fat and Low Fibre plan, but I knew it was more than this.

I was so worried about eating out, especially on Coach Trips. I would go out and not eat anything from the night before until I got home that evening and sometimes this could be nearly 20 hours!""I felt that Diana actually listened to me and she devised an Eating Plan for me that was so different from the way I had eaten before and I felt very nervous before I started it.

However, within a week of following her way of eating, things started to improve and I actually felt confident in eating while I was out and everything has got better. I still have to watch what I eat but the way my life around food has changed is very encouraging for the future.

I can't thank Diana enough, especially knowing that I have a contact whenever I needed it."

I contacted Diana when I had finally reached the end of my tether and she has totally redirected my life. I’ve been prone to over exercise when stressed; it's been a default response since forever, my own misguided way of taking control, achieving, being strong whilst not feeling strong, but it was exacerbating my digestive and emotional symptoms.

Things I've achieved from seeing Diana: Diet tweaks and EFT have managed my symptoms, improved toileting patterns, improved digestion, more rest, more energy and I am able to manage stress far better.

If things aren't quite right in your life and your body isn't working at its best, do yourself a favour and go see this lovely lady. She was friendly, well informed and really listened to me and understood. I wholeheartedly recommend her. Thank you Diana, you've connected so many dots for me today.

NUTRITION EDUCATION FOR TEENAGERS: "I took my 17 year old daughter to meet with Diana hoping to get some answers, and we got so much more! Diana was absolutely fantastic with her - she listened to her and put a plan into action that has truly changed my daughter’s health. My daughter now has knowledge that will stick with her throughout her life. We cannot recommend and thank Diana enough ."
"I have just logged on with the specific aim to thank you for last night. After a busy day at work and train delays I was more in the mood for putting my feet up but I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed last night, it was a brilliant evening, fun but most of all inspirational. I love food, but lack confidence when cooking and actually need to see how things are done to do them myself. I loved the fact that we could really all get stuck in if we wanted to and get really up close and see what was going on which made a big difference to me. The food was absolutely amazing and so simple to prepare. I also enjoyed the fact that we got to taste everything too (it was all delicious). I have just prepared the stuffed peppers for later and can't wait to surprise the family with something different (and healthy) for a change as we just seem to eat the same old things week in, week out."
DIET & LIFESTYLE SUPPORT TO SUPPORT YOUR HEALTH "I hit a milestone birthday last year and it took a while, but eventually had that light bulb moment and realised if I wanted to keep as healthy as possible, I would need a consistent approach to my lifestyle, not and on-off with no clear aim in mind. Diana is her own best advertisement, the embodiment of good health and vitality so for me, the absolute right person to help me through. With her guidance, I've followed the six week plan, and made a gradual, but marked shift in my approach to my overall wellbeing, not just focusing on weight loss, although that is one very happy outcome. I enjoy the way I eat now and always look forward to my varied and colourful meals. I'm a natural lounge lizard so you won't catch me at the gym but more fresh air and some small steps have enabled me to take my own giant leap."
POST NATAL DIETARY RETRAINING: "Thanks to Diana for making me so happy with my body again. I have managed to lose all my baby weight that I have been carry around plus more and I feel so confident and good about myself. I feel like I have so much more energy and it's all thanks to Diana guiding me to eat healthy and exercise more. My children love helping me prepare our meals and love all of Diana's recipes. Having Diana's help has really changed the way my family eat, my husband and myself are much more healthier and our children are following in our foot steps. Thank you."
PSORIASIS: I was in a lot of pain - both hands and feet were equally affected, making even the simplest of tasks acutely painful. The fissures were open to raw skin and new cracks would appear everyday. I wore cotton gloves to try and prevent infection and I had seen at least 7 different doctors, both here and 2 in France. None of them ever suggested that I look at my diet !!!!!! I was given every type of Cortisone and also tried every kind of natural / gentle handcream. The cortisone made my skin very very thin. A friend suggested that I speak to Diana. She explained how some skin conditions can arise when the body becomes highly sensitive to particular foods if the gut health and immune system have been compromised through stress or illness. The lining of the gut can become leaky and therefore it is essential to repair this and avoid sugar, as this can make inflammatory conditions much worse. Diana arranged for me to do a food intolerance test to find out which foods I showed sensitivity to. The nightshade or potato (solanaceae) family, (tomataoes/potatoes/aubergines/peppers/ chillis, paprika) showed up, so Diana suggested meal plans and how to substitute with other foods. At the same time I was given a programme to restore the balance of gut flora and repair and heal the gut lining.":
EATING DISORDER HELP FOR TEENAGE BOY: "Our son Joe at the time of seeing Diana was aged 13. Joe absolutely loves football and running and really wants to be successful in either of these fields. Joe suffered some disappointment with his football and wasn’t able to achieve what he was striving for. About 9 months ago my wife and I noticed he was eating less of what he considered, was unhealthy food. He was also becoming skinnier. Joe’s attitude to overcome his disappointment was to train harder (unnecessary) and being over cautious with what he was eating (unnecessary). We became quite concerned at how pale and slight he had become. After tests at the doctors and having certain low blood test results, we decided to look at taking him to a Nutritionist, that specialised in eating disorders. After some online research we took Joe to see Diana,and continued to take Joe for 6 months. From the outset Diana spoke to Joe in a calm, supportive and understanding manner. Joe felt comfortable with Diana, which was so important for someone of Joe’s age. Diana provided a healthy, nutritional eating plan as well as several tips to help Joe deal with the psychological aspects that eating disorders can bring. Nine or ten months later, after much hard work and with Diana’s invaluable support and experience, Joe is much better, has put on over a stone in weight and he is back to his old self 😀. As a family we had no idea about eating disorders or even if Joe was suffering from one. If you have any concerns, no matter how small, seek support. I can definitely say that I don’t know what we would have done had we not visited Diana, and can thoroughly recommend her. "
" DIETARY RETRAINING FOR SHIFT WORKERS TO IMPROVE ENERGY/HORMONE BALANCE/MAINTAIN HEALTHY WEIGHT: I am a student midwife and had been struggling over the course of my training to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle alongside shift work and studies. I had got into a habit of snacking on high-sugar food and skipping meals. I felt unhealthy, constantly tired and was having difficulty with poor skin condition and bad mood swings. I found out about Diana after attending one of her seminars in Leigh about sugar and healthy hormone balance. I would highly recommend Diana to anyone. The knowledge she has shared with me has helped me immensely and enabled me to have more energy, healthy hormone balance and manage the demands of shift work. I have clearer skin, have shed extra weight, have more energy, my mood is more balanced and overall I feel happier. Diana taught me exactly how to eat well and balance my blood sugars, as well as how to eat around shift work. This will have a life-long impact on not only my future career, but also my personal life. "