Tried every diet there is and STILL can’t keep the weight off permanently?  Has weight crept up on you and yet you feel you barely eat anything?  Are you permanently tired with low energy?  Do you have mood swings and generally feel fed up about always having to be on a diet?  I frequently hear these stories and it is a typical case of metabolism slowing down as a result of the physiological effects of restricting food to less than your body requires in order to function optimally. 

The body is a thermogenic organ, and it needs fuel to burn in order to fire up your metabolism – if you restrict your food intake, your metabolism simply adjusts to match the energy input, so the less you have, the more it slows… you will never get ahead of the game by starving yourself.  So, let me explain the METABOLIC processes to you alongside dietary rehabilitation and learn to eat regularly and intelligently. Let my dietary re-training programme guide you to permanent weight loss with the bonus of numerous health benefits besides!

Yo-Yo dieting is just another manifestation of disordered eating.  But with the right help and dietary rehabilitation, I will help you to retrain your eating habits so that you can eat in the most nutritionally beneficial way to lose unwanted pounds, and become energised and enjoy optimum health and wellness, in the long term.