The past 12 years haven’t been easy for me dealing with Anorexia, there have been many highs and lows, times when I think I had recovered and times when things just seemed too much.

I have many regrets and things I look back on and think ‘Why did I do that?’ but the biggest one of all is not coming to Diana sooner. She has helped turn my life around dramatically from day one of meeting her.

The techniques, the skills and dietetic information she has supplied me with has made my thought process so much clearer to the point I am beginning to see myself again, and that I can’t express in words, is such a big thing for me. I have felt lost and trapped for so many years but now I am beginning to feel free and alive – it’s such a great feeling.

Diana truly is the best therapist I have ever had and believe me when I say I’ve had a fair number in the 12 years I’ve been suffering!  I can honestly say with confidence that she is the main reason I will continue to be this way, and that is I am on the road to recovery and it’s an enlightening journey.

I have experienced emotions, events and thoughts crossing my mind that I could have never imagined feeling again but I have, I have never felt better. Thank you x