Our son was aged 13 when we took him to see Diana. Joe absolutely loves football and running and really wants to be successful in either of these fields. Joe suffered some disappointment with his football and wasn’t able to achieve what he was striving for. About 9 months ago my wife and I noticed he was eating less of what he considered was unhealthy food. He was also becoming skinnier. Joe’s attitude to overcome his disappointment was to train harder and he became over cautious with what he was eating. We became quite concerned at how pale and slight he had become. After tests at the doctors and having certain low blood test results, we decided to take him to Diana as she is a Nutritionist, that specialised in Eating Disorders.

From the outset Diana spoke to Joe in a calm, supportive and understanding manner. Joe felt comfortable with Diana, which was so important for someone of Joe’s age. Diana provided a healthy, nutritional eating plan as well as several tips to help Joe deal with the psychological aspects that eating disorders can bring. Nine or ten months later, after much hard work and with Diana’s invaluable support and experience, Joe is much better, has put on over a stone in weight and is back to his old self .

As a family we had no idea about eating disorders or even if Joe was suffering from one. If you have any concerns, no matter how small, seek support. I can definitely say that I don’t know what we would have done had we not visited Diana and can thoroughly recommend her. “