“I first contacted Diana after being under the Hospital for about 5 years and nobody listening to me when I told them my bowel condition was not responding to medication, because of what I was eating. I was told I just needed to eat a Low Fat and Low Fibre diet, but I knew it was more than this.

I was so worried about eating out, especially on Coach Trips. I would go out and not eat anything from the night before until I got home that evening and sometimes this could be nearly 20 hours!””

I felt that Diana actually listened to me and she devised an Eating Plan for me that was so different from the way I had eaten before. 

However, within a week of following her way of eating, things started to improve, and I actually felt confident in eating while I was out and everything has continued to improve. I still have to watch what I eat but the way my life around food has changed is very encouraging for the future. I can’t thank Diana enough, especially knowing that I have a contact whenever I needed it.”