“I was in a lot of pain – both hands and feet were equally affected, making even the simplest of tasks acutely painful. The fissures were open to raw skin and new cracks would appear everyday. I wore cotton gloves to try and prevent infection and I had seen at least 7 different doctors, both here and 2 in France. None of them ever suggested that I look at my diet !!!!!! I was given every type of Cortisone and also tried every kind of natural / gentle handcream. The cortisone made my skin very very thin. A friend suggested that I speak to Diana. She explained how some skin conditions can arise when the body becomes highly sensitive to particular foods if the gut health and immune system have been compromised through stress or illness. The lining of the gut can become leaky and therefore it is essential to repair this and avoid sugar, as this can make inflammatory conditions much worse. Diana arranged for me to do a food intolerance test to find out which foods I showed sensitivity to. The nightshade or potato (solanaceae) family, (tomataoes/potatoes/aubergines/peppers/ chillis, paprika) showed up, so Diana suggested meal plans and how to substitute with other foods. At the same time I was given a programme to restore the balance of gut flora and repair and heal the gut lining.”