Having suffered with anorexia for a long time and having gone through multiple therapists, all of which thought that an inpatient treatment was the only way to go, Diana began therapy with me, taking on board a handful. As a stubborn teenager, Diana worked with me and stuck with me through the worst. Diana has worked with me for three years, when many would have given up, she has told me what I didn’t want to hear but needed to. She has never lost faith in my recovery when many did, including myself. She has been a guidepost for both myself as well as my family in this long journey of anorexia. I have just completed my A Levels and I am starting my dream university in September, I can say with confidence I would not be doing so without Diana. After a long and bumpy journey of this illness, I can finally say and admit to seeing the light at the end, and it is with great thanks to Diana. 

One concern I had with recovery was the feeling that I would miss my eating disorder, it is safe to say, I won’t miss my eating disorder, but I will miss my therapist. Thank you Diana, you truly are an angel sent to help those who are lucky enough to receive your help.

Diana said there was so much inflammation in my body and that would reduce on my new diet regime.  I have kidney stones, DD, bad knee with osteoarthritis and now all the inflammation has left my body and I don’t get the aches and pains anymore, plus I am regular as clockwork throughout the day which has never been the case.

I always have believed in eating good pure food, but this has showed me you are what you eat and how certain foods can affect your whole body, and day to day living without you realising the effect they are having.

I cannot recommend Diana Herve highly enough and I shall always be truly thankful and grateful to her for all she has done; giving me back my health again.

Thank you