For as long as can remember I have suffered from what my Mum called my “delicate stomach”. Any stressful situations would set off problems – tests, exams, meetings, traffic jams etc etc.

Over the years and after many visits to the doctors, the issue has never solved or come anywhere close. Recently the symptoms started to get worse and affect my day to day life so, once again I went to the doctors and after several tests I was told I had IBS. I was advised that apparently there is no cure and it’s something you have to live with and control by taking Imodium and Buscopan. Not something I wish to do for the rest of my life.

After reading an article on the NHS website, it suggested that a nutritionist may be able to help, which is when I contacted Diana.

Diana recommended cutting out gluten, reducing my dairy intake and a number of other measures. The results have been life changing. I’m still learning daily what foods suit me and working through many ingrained and ineffective behaviours but I feel more in control and much more settled.

If you recognise and suffer from any of the above I would certainly recommend contacting Diana.

July 2023